Our region is set to face big changes over the next four years. Ontario’s new government has already brought rapid changes and funding cuts – including the repeal of the carbon tax, which will have an impact on municipal infrastructure. In the Region, we’re also electing a new Regional Chair, as well as the commissioning of a new rapid transit system. Internationally, our country is facing uncertainty surrounding the potential economic implications of tariffs and a trade war with the U.S.

In the face of these changes, it is important to have experienced, steady hands at the council table. I believe the best approach to navigating changing times is by electing candidates who have strong, experienced leadership.

I have been serving the Waterloo region for over 2 decades, including 4 terms as Waterloo Regional Councillor. I am proud of what I have accomplished throughout these years, but there is still more work to be done.

As your regional councillor I have always been interested in seeking your feedback and advice. If you agree with at least three of these issues, or you disagree I would like to hear from you. if you have any other ideas on local government please send via Your opinion matters!

  • Economic Development

    • Over the years, I have advocated for the formation of one economic voice for the entire Waterloo Region. In 2015, we were able to achieve this, forming the Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation. We know have a focused effort on bringing jobs to our entire community.
    • I believe it is important to continue investing in the region’s economic development, and continue to strengthen the partnership between municipalities. We must do what we can to bring more diverse jobs to the community.
  • TRANSPORTATION Improvements

    • I believe making significant investments in multi-modal transportation options is necessary in order to provide more transportation choices in our communities and reduce congestion on the roads.
    • The construction of the ION Light Rail Transit System is now complete, but there are no rail cars on the track. I will continue my work to hold Bombardier accountable to successfully deliver these rail cars in order to have the system up-and-running by December 2018.

All-day, all-way GO - what you need to know

Keep Region of Waterloo transit moving forward

  • TRAFFIC Improvements

    • I have worked to adjust signal intervals at intersections so traffic can flow down regional roads more quickly, as well as working on real time monitoring and signal adjustment. I believe we need to continue to modernize our traffic management systems using locally based technology to improve to more efficiently move vehicles and reduce congestion
    • I will continue to work to improve access to Cedar Creek drive interchange with the 401 and advance the construction of a new interchange with the 401 on the West Side of the Region

    • Regional council has designated an urban boundary so that all the urban growth in the region stays within the country side line. Going forward, there will likely be pressure to expand the urban boundaries, but I believe we must stay firm on maintaining the unique balance between urban and rural in the Waterloo region.
    • I will continue to support the countryside lines, and encourage development to happen in the urban areas.
    • Over the past three years there has been approximately $2 billion of new development in the downtown areas – we need to continue to focus on the progress we have been making, and work to limit urban sprawl.

    • I have a strong track record of supporting affordable housing in the Waterloo region, but there is more work to be done. Homelessness and poverty continue to be a challenge in our society, and we need to continue to make the right kinds of investments to provide families with adequate housing.
    • Our community, like many in North America, continues to experience too many hospital visits, calls to emergency services, overdoses and deaths due to opioid addiction. We must work with local community agencies and the provincial government in order to provide proper support for people suffering from these addictions, and evaluate the appropriate use of safe consumption sites.

Affordable housing in Waterloo

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    • As Chair of Budget Committee I have consistently endeavoured to balance improved services with moderate tax increases. We need to continue to invest in our community but also keep spending in check and keep future taxes increases to a minimum.

Keeping Taxes in Check

Do you agree/disagree on any of these issues?